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We streamline major project execution through our project management, technical knowledge, project implementation successes and over 200 years of combined project experience meeting safety, quality, schedule and cost goals

Third Party Sme's

Our Organization has a proven network of multi-disciplinary Subject Matter Experts that review and provide expert analysis of complex project issues and provides recommendations that minimize Project risk and maximize Earned Value

Project Engineering

We provide your business with Professional Engineering Expertise in Nuclear Energy and Environmental Remediation Efforts with multiple proven Major Project successes utilizing State of the Art Methods that minimize risk. 

Seasoned Professionals

OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE Vast Major Project Management, Design and implementation experience

Regulatory   COMPLIANCE

We view regulatory compliance as an essential  part of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Remediation Projects. We compile, review and complete necessary Local, State, and Federal  regulations to meet your project needs.

Project Management

We provide your business with MBA & PMI Certified Project Managers with years of major project experience to develop Risk Registers, Project Cost and Schedule Controls, and Project Studies that allow for optimal project decision making  

A Sample of What We Provide:

  • Review and Prioritization of Station Health Needs through Interviews with Station Management, System Engineering, Maintenance Engineering, Operations and Corrective Action Program trending.
  • Risk based and Probabilistic based reports to management on the Highest Priority Operational and Regulatory issues that impact plant reliability. 
  • Cost effective project studies on conceptual engineered design and construction implementation of large capital projects.
  • Specialized Industry Subject Matter Third Party Experts to review project studies and engineered designs and guide management and utility personnel with cost-effective modifications.
  • Ghost write Engineering Change Packages and 50.59 Screens and Evaluations to your technical and procedural requirements.
  • Present to Stakeholders, Design Review Boards, Senior Management and Management Review Committees 30%, 70%, and 100% presentations and provide rapid comment resolution.
  • Provide planning, scheduling, and implementation Oversite from project mobilization to demobilization.


  • Project confidence to senior management leadership that Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Financial Stewardship are being maintained.
  • Significant savings in project overhead costs and project scope creep from larger AE organizations
  • Better communications on project costs and schedule status than A/E’s. 
  • We can partner with recommended A/E’s and provide augmented oversight and problem reporting.
  • We can provide a variety of part time and full time seasoned professionals for both specialized and general plant needs.
  • Proven performance on complex multi-disciplinary projects at multiple nuclear plant sites.